Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at least one 85” TV or three 55” TVs must be purchased as part of the package agreement.
ABN Inspire! can either only show the top 12 salespeople on your team with the ability to manually scroll down to see the remaining team members’ information, or, it can be set to paginate through the rest of the salespeople automatically while always leaving the top 3 static.
In the current version, the answer is no. However, for future versions we are working on many different iterations of the product that will do just that. For example, if you own multiple Chevrolet dealerships in your group, you could have a “Leader, Leader Board” that would display the top three sales leaders from all of your Chevrolet dealerships. This way your top salespeople in all your dealerships can motivate each other enterprise wide.
Yes, if you sign up under the standard Inspire pricing which is on a month-to-month agreement you can cancel at any time. If you sign up on a term-based agreement, you must stay on for the entire duration of the signed term
There is a way you can display ABN Inspire! on a dealer owned TV (only after the main hardware is purchased from ABN). We are currently writing that process and will certainly be able to provide complete details prior to your installation.
Yes. ABN Inspire! can be set up to show results for up to four teams. This allows for greater flexibility and analysis of team and leader performance and provides coachable information for all levels of your sales staff.
Gamification is adding elements of game play to everyday activities. The workforce of today is evolving and their motivations are changing as well. Multiple studies tell us that retention of good sales people is a challenge. Using gamification to create a fun and exciting work environment is an element that will supplement your efforts to retain the best and the brightest.
Great question. The normal whiteboard used in many dealerships today does not provide the level of detail required to effectively measure who your best salespeople are, plus, it takes a ton of time to update and maintain. ABN Inspire! is automatically populated with almost all the data for you. The level of detail placed at your fingertips provides the information required to assess trends and coach to the best of your abilities. With turnover of dealership sales personnel running nearly 70% on average, training and retaining the best staff possible has to be on your list of top priorities.
This product was designed with a number of goals in mind. First and foremost, ABN Inspire! was designed to inspire greatness in your sales team by offering real-time rankings and automated notifications, cinematics, gamification, with fun and motivating games that your dealership can utilize in your bonus and spiff programs. In addition to inspiring growth, the above benefits could also lead to reduced turnover and better attitudes due to the increased level of communication. A third important benefit is the ability the sales managers will have to adequately identify positive and negative trends of each salesperson to more effectively manage to each salesperson’s needs specifically.
We all know there are salespeople that will tell customers they do not need to purchase an ESP before they go into F&I, and others who kick trades or worse curb them. ABN Inspire! simply offers to provide the data necessary so management can easily identify the outliers and coach accordingly if they see anomalies.
Yes, ABN inspire! is a unique product in that respect. There is one game presently built into the system with many more to come. In the game, salespeople earn selections on a prize board by selling units. The more units they sell, the more selections they get to make on the pull board game. Prizes are determined by the dealership as are the configurations for the game. Your ABN representative will teach you the very simple process.
Yes. There is a mobile version of ABN Inspire! that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Certain events can even trigger a text right to your phone. For example, if a salesperson sells 3 cars in a day, you will receive an alert so you can immediately call to congratulate them on the accomplishment. Of course, the alert includes the salesperson’s name and telephone number.
Your entire sales staff will have varying degrees of access based on the level they are assigned. During your initial setup your ABN representative will help you customize this to your specific comfort level for each user.
You will need to input the schedules of your salespeople and retire departing salespeople while adding new ones. If you are also an ABN digital signage partner, ABN’s Regional Account Managers can do this for you. If you do not have ABN’s digital signage, we will train whomever does HR in your dealership to facilitate the addition and subtraction of salespeople.
The consultation process is pretty simple and really more about understanding your needs and whether our product is a fit for your business both technically and philosophically. Each dealer is different and may want to display this in different rooms, so it is important that we fully understand your situation and pain points.

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